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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

There is a huge shift in industries demand on skills and talent movement and I am very pleased to see the organisations are able to share valuable talents to fulfil urgent needs It has proven that demand and skills are most valuable combinations for individuals to feel satisfied and contribute to the society, which then reward follows. Kudos: #healthcare #returntofrontline #hospitality #supplychain #security #agriculture #manufacturing and many integrated businesses services providers When I forecast the future on-demand skills and how flexible professionals and staffs will be able to meet the requirements, I see win-win outcome for both the hiring organisation and employee can mutually agree on : nature of work, social impact, responsibility, goals, outcome measured in related to reward, location, time-line, delivery mode, value. Your valuable asset is how you manage to handle challenging situations, risk mitigation strategy and plan and overall positive outlook to influence stakeholders, clients and peers. Do you love solving complex challenges, improve human lives and interested to join the strategic global talent network, who collaborated, very competent in managing risk, focus on growth, and have at least 1 specialised professional services, and 5 year working experience across 3 functional knowledge and industries. [Functional: IT, Finance, Business development/Sales, Sourcing, Service management, Engineering, R&D] [Industries: Not limited to Aviation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Financial services, Government, Natural Resources, Utilities etc] We are referral based with business partners(globally, ethically, mutually beneficial) to provide quality end-to-end services to solve organisation challenges or innovate with We engage client and develop business case per their needs and align them to global standard, you, as a consultant/business partner, provide modulated services (e.g. new generation portfolio funds management, process automation, complex intelligent analytics, robotics, rapid human centric services go-to-market, mobilised work management) As part of our group, we meet regularly to share our insights in the industry plus capital/project opportunity arises. Our next meeting will be held 9/4/2020 AEST 05:30PM on the topic - Ready to grow and review industry focused risk mitigation strategies and plan as we have practice and proof of what works well and lessons learned. Expression of interest - Suits individual with entrepreneur mind set, enjoy working on challenging topics with clear sense of ownership and responsibility Please send your 3+ page CV outlining a. What would you like to be responsible for b. Impact you want to drive(per matric you define) c. How you would like to be rewarded. Our commercial / partnership agreement is not limited to monetary level, it also involves sharing your expert knowledge with a global network of knowledgeable professionals. #together we help the community to sail the storm.


Principal Consultant