Seeking new career/set up a business during pandemic

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What is your next step?

  1. Seek a new job that fulfil your life purpose and align with your goals?

  2. Seek a temporary job till the market is reviving and apply for more relevant jobs

  3. Upskill and ensure the high level is maintained to be in-demand in the market

  4. Start a new business

  5. Focus on family care and ensure children are learning the best way they can to be future job ready.

  6. Is your business ready to go global?

No matter which path you choose, I can help you. I have worked with over 20 global and national organisations, became HR Partner, Talent acquistion, retention and transformation program. Reference: government initiatives (check the country and national funding)

I specialise in helping clients in building strong professional presence, engaging personal branding & marketing strategy, business/candidate value champaign, networking within the industry/domain, invitation to specific professional seminars etc If you need a private career coaching session, please complete the pre-meeting questionnaire and I will be in contact with you, first 15 min free.

There are many ways to get yourself noted out of the 200 candidates applied for the job, be seen in the crowd, be headhunted and introduced to the hiring orgnaisations.

Please book a 15 min consultation for introduction and submit your CV and 10 min video introduction to help market yourself.

Fee applies when you enroll in full consultation services and outcome focus career match program (find you the next best jobs) (%fee above annual package salary negotiated)

This will help you to shape your business model


Tip 1*: You could get a better chance of being noticed by contacting the hiring manager with your specially matched skills and experience plus the relevant employee(their company) referral, it is best to get a referral from your ex-supervisor, manager, or team members. Tip 2: Use your time to apply your newly earned skills via volunteering to demonstrate to your new employer/clients that you are capable taking new challenges.

Tip 3: Your digital presence - a strong profile, engaged in professional network and your recogised contribution. Tip 4: Be a good resource and problem solver

Join one of our career strategy session:

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