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Updated: Jun 17

Welcome to our network of highly knowledgeable and quality professional services providers.

Please join our regular knowledge exchange and networking session via Teams

You will need to use your window's account email to login

After you login, you will need to be approved by our partner and client management team to join the enclosed business partner network.

Info pack

Risk management - Financial, Tax and Cyb

LHH_IBM_Case_Study_2020 (1)pdf

Our regular meetings/workshops are facilitated by our members and presenters, and reputable panel speakers are invited to join the discussions to help us to identify opportunities and work together to resolve complex challenges.

Team name: Prof. Society Workshop/Meeting

Our members are usually professionals with over 15 years experience in organisation transformation management, business management, strategy advisors, procurement & global supply chain professionals, financial management, technology deployment consultant, data scientist, legal (employment and commercial), taxation.

We help our trusted partner to develop and deploy agreed solutions and utilise our knowledge base and resources to deliver the outcome.

If you wish to learn more, please contact us.


To enter the meeting room

1. Please make sure you have signed in Teams (preferrably using Microsoft products registered email)

Invitation only:

2. Click Teams(on the left)

3. Select Prof. Society

4. Click Join Now (Group meeting room doors open 10 mins before the meeting for networking) Documents can be found under hashtag#File

You are welcome to post in the group for Q&A and the facilitator will direct when your turn is up.

Feel free to write down the topics you are interested for the group to share in the upcoming meetings. We run weekly usually.

Enjoying sharing and forming strategic partner - in global hashtag#knowledgehashtag#experience hub hashtag#intelligentmind resolve hashtag#challenges situations together



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