Prevention and Resolution - Domestic Violence

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Prevention and Resolution of Domestic vi
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We welcome diverse, respectful, constructive feedback as we are developing better understanding of the matter via open conversations and perspectives.

Thank you : David Webb (research and multi-cultural committee), Michele Lecordier(Coach, helping women to build confidence) and Rebecca Barron (Family Lawyer on recommendations/advice) Also great discussions and questions from our audience I am including other participants and active members so that we can all be beneficial from the discussions. ----- Principles: Develop a mutually respected, nuturing relationships and sometimes career, financial, family pressure might lead to un-usual behaviours, it is important to time time to reflect and communicate, so that both parties can work on the solutions together.  It is completely normal that 2 people may have different opinions, delegate tasks or find the strength from each other to work effectively will be good start. If I use a very basic example, bin day, lets make it fun(bin day catwalk before going to do grocery shopping) instead of a chore that no one wants to do. Agreement, understandings and being flexible when situations changed to manage essential duties can also be important so that it won't lead into a heated discussions, especially infront of kids. Key steps: (Domestic violence, identify, assess, evaluate, resolution - work with the professionals) 1. If the situation is endangering life, find a safe place and engage emergency services, please record time, date, what happened and report in time. 2. While there may be various reasons of certain irresponsible or inappropriate behaviours, but domestic violence is never ok.  The pack provides explaination and community groups that can help. 3. If the person needs trusted person for support, be a good listener but also work with the person to seek help(conselling, legal, medical, accomodation, childcare etc).    If you are not sure about the best next step discuss with your legal(aid) professional, which could be found in the government websites or we can refer. 4. Justic systems review all the facts and determine best outcome for the children, if a supervised visit is needed, for victoria, please check If you have other recommendations, please share.  I am setting up a blog post so that we can all respond. > Blog Our next session: Supply chain reslience, compliance and sustainability - National, Hybrid or Global It is critical for our everyday needs, not only about buying goods in Amazon, scale up vaccine manufacturing but also how do we create ICU beds or ensure required blood supplies are readily available. Mark Lake(we worked together in AsaleoCare, Hygiene products FMCG) and his very talented son will be presenting. We are open to 1 more panel speakers for the night. See you Wednesday 24/06 7:30pm  MS teams (Pre-authorisation may be required)

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