澳州百科(八寶通) Multi-lingual community information centre

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We post in various languages to help those who want to feel like living at home and enjoy being part of the multi-cultural community.

## New to Australia? ## Here is the key resource guide | आवास, व्यवसाय, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य Alojamiento, Carrera, Educación, Salud | 住宿, 事业, 教育, 健康




  1. 住屋|आवास| Alojamiento | Where to stay?

  2. Need to buy a house? Check with your local expert (I personally lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in the past 20 years) House and Land < $750K (3Br, CBD <30KM) . 2BD apartments[B<$550K, CBD<10km). Tell us your property requirements I have close contact with multi-lingual professional services provider (property, legal, tax) - Book an appointment

  3. 買車Need a car? (new/2nd hand buy/sell platform), Toyota/Mazada has offered great total value vehicle options

  4. 商業交流 How to start a business? 1st validate your business model,plan with people in the industry and cross check with the bank/business advisor. Feel free to book a 15min call to guide through the process or join our pitch night.

  5. 事業 | व्यवसाय | Carrera | Need a job? Transform your professional prescence - session Tip: Enhance your natural English speaking skills <practice guide to be released soon> and career coach/ Professional network

  6. 教育 | शिक्षा | | Educación | Need a private/public school recommendation? I can help on Metro Melbourne and Sydney listing. For Maths/Piano/Violin tutor book here

  7. 報稅Don't foget Australia resident tax does consider your asset growth overseas. Best check with your account for your personal circumstance.

  8. 風險管理 Insurance... Do read the product disclosure statements per your policy (Home & Content, Life, Income protection, Hospital & extra, car, life, pets, etc)

  9. 醫療 | स्वास्थ्य | Salud | Medical professionals listing are per insurer's recommendation per your area. If you need to speak comfortably about the key medical terms, do check out:

  10. Professional body: Project management institute, Change Management, Engineering, Chamber of commerce, comms: Laywer weekly

  11. Socialising with the communities group -

  12. Dinning options, platy - ubereats, zomato (like openrice), groupon ,

  13. Products - manu Australia made products can be found via, facebook, vincity/westfield malls

looking for a date? Make sure you carefully review the app reputations before joining.

***Ensure you have valid visa for work/live/study




Peninsular hotspring, Ballarat gold town, Yarra Valley (cheese and winery), Warburton, Mount Dandenong hike&Oldtown, Geelong, Hanging rock, Bendigo/Echuca paddle steamer


The fish market (near Darling harbour), The Rocks, Opera House, Botanic garden, Taronga zoo, Blue Mountain, Dee Why beach, Wollongon, Sydney Bridge, Cronulla, La Perose, Bondi/Manly beach


City Ferry ride to enjoy the scenary, Morton Island (if you like their bugs too), Noosa Heads, Fraser Island, Caloudra, Sunshine coast, Gold coast, Mackay (whitsunday)



If you need info pack and reputable migration agent to manage a complex application, please chat with us. #SkillsMigration #Family #Partner


#188 (business innovation) 186, 300, 189, 190 489

Nic Soltani

Registered Migration Agent (number can be released)

Financials - FY20 預約時間


- 如果您今年31歲,健康保險報價研究(免費6週的健康保險有些有),並等待某些服務的等待.

- 準備收入和損失報告(資產負債表)

FY20 Tax return

在澳大利亞的每年六月至十月,我們大多數人都非常忙於管理個人或公司來管理員工和業務財務/稅務事務。 如果您想獲取新聞通訊:今年(個人)的納稅申報表有何新變化?請給我留言。 如果您是某公司董事,請注意,從1/4開始,董事對未付的商品及服務稅負有責任,我相信您的會計師可能已通知。 重要日期:請參考官方網站 如果您的企業正面臨財務困境,或者尚未審查您是否有資格獲得政府經濟刺激支持,請給我留言。 我知道有一個團隊可以極大地降低稅收債務風險,以確保您獲得最佳結果,我們可以向您提供諮詢,如果業務不合規怎麼辦。在預約之前進行研究,讓我們共同努力以確保業務健康發展,業務/負責人將對此表示感謝。 以上僅為一般信息,並未考慮您的個人情況,請務必諮詢您的會計師以獲取更多詳細信息。 #tax #debtmanagement #AssetDepreciation #Workfromhome #employmentlaw #legal #directorresponsibility We run regular seminar to help SMES to learn about the latest news / share our business management experience. contact us to join.

Career and job search strategy Who is hiring now?

預約時間 直接工作介紹(IT, Engineering, Finance)

ऑस्ट्रेलिया में पलायन और बसना

आवास, व्यवसाय, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य

बहु-सांस्कृतिक समाज में एकीकृत

एक मानार्थ 15 मिनट परामर्श बुक करें

migrando y estableciéndose en Australia

Alojamiento, Carrera, Educación, Salud

Integrarse en la sociedad multicultural.

Si necesita más información, reserve una consulta gratuita de 15 minutos


住宿, 事业, 教育, 健康

融入多元文化社会 如果您需要更多信息,请预订15分钟免费咨询 Migrating and Settling in Australia Accommodation Career Education Health Integrate into the multi-cultural society Anita - works in professional services sector, offering business, technology and talent solutions to over 18 clients (global and national companies, annual revenue of the clients are between AUD$500k to AUD$90b)

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