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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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Event dates Jun/July 23/7 Social responsibility and workforce - regeneration

15/7 Workforce regeneration 1/7 Harmonious Human & Robotic Process Automation(registration) (HR, Supply Chain, Customer services) 8/7 MicroCredential, be recognised for what you learned & practiced Who is hiring now? FY20 taxation -

Work From Home Deduction 20200611
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More update for : - Home Builder Grant and houses that suits your budget in metropolitan area - SMEs asset write off - Supporting small business and employment - Business support stimulus etc Financial risk management and Tax FY20 10/6 Many career workshop 15/6 Compassionate and caring community - journey to reduce domestic violence Experience engage users with positive journey with your organisation Social impact initiatives pitch night Skilled professional global knowledge network - IT Finance Science Health Insurance Marketing Business Development Sourcing Past Events 3/6 Change and Risk migitation, turn risk into opportunity #Leadership #BusinessManagement #Talent #ExperienceEconomy #KnowledgeNetwork #OperationsExecellence Invest | value proposition | positive social impact | Risk Mitigation | lift up the economy by enhancing national skills level and chargable rate(for employee) Events: Leadership, Negotiation, Strategic workforce reform, Business Management, Career development strategies and more How to join Microsoft Teams meeting room? 1. Please make sure you have signed in Teams (preferably using Microsoft products registered email) Invitation only: 2. Click Teams(on the left) 3. Select Prof. Society 4. Click Join Now (Group meeting room doors open 10 mins before the meeting for networking) Documents can be found under #File You are welcome to post in the group for Q&A and the facilitator will direct when your turn is up. Feel free to write down the topics you are interested for the group to share in the upcoming meetings. We run weekly usually. Enjoying sharing and forming strategic partner - in global hashtag#knowledgehashtag#experience hub hashtag#intelligentmind resolve hashtag#challenges situations together

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