Service provider (Vendor experession of interest)

Welcome SMEs, Entrepreneur, Independent professional

We are looking for specialist service providers to be part of our panel, and we aim to work toegether collaboratively.

Commercial contractual agreement will be essential for compliance, IP ownership, risk mitigation and strategic partnership.

Tender and Bid process do apply for large program of work and we ensure fair, ethical, reliable, financially viable and suppliers with good reputation that deliver exceptional services are selected.

Please make an appointment for business/community partnership.

Key information for your submission:

1. Your Organisation value, visions and missions.  Website with a list of products or services you provide will be a good portfolio for consideration.

2. Your leadership team contact and organisation structure (key roles are fine)

3. Your employee satisfaction

4. Your customer experience (products/services/issue resolutions)

5. Your suppliers/customers segnmentation

6. Annual financial statement

7. Claims made (OH&S, Compliance report, jInsurance)

8. Existing contract annualised value (with base value and forecasted value)

Our Portfolio other than delivering fit for purpose integrated solutions for our clients:


Better health plan -

 - immunity, mental health, community support network


C02 Reduction program


Transition management

Career pathway

Strategic Business partnership/Pro Bono:
#OutReach program: Support local community and businesses
Area of expertise in your local area:

1. Supply and logistics (Source from local stores/reputable businesses, provide essential pack to immobilised/bulnerable residents)

2. Business support network (IT, Infrastructure, Network, Security, Digital/Cloud)

3. Well being program (Small exercise class, music perofrmance, Art class), we connect and maintain safe social distance

4. Local support network knowledge base (government funds, model, NGO orgnaisation services)


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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully: