Business and Technology advisor,  Strategic Sourcing, Career/Talent Management,  Marketing, Transformation Coach, Technology, we partner with specialist in Supply Chain, Migration, Tax, Property, Finance and Legal, manage risk and empower the community.

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Business advisory

Portfolio Management

Strategic sourcing

Human Capital Management

Contract Management


Sponsorship & Grant Management


Contributors and Clients relationship management


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    15 Apr, 8:30 am AEST
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    Open to people who are interested to gain or share their experience and lessons learned throughout the career. key themes: Leadership, Industry, functional experience.

The people behind Creative Corner:

Anita Wong

Client Relations


Integrated Business Solutions



Rona Puntawe

Executive Coach and Change & Transformation lead

Andre Martin


Customer experience




John Yoo

IT services Manager


IT Infrastructure

Network & Database

Systems deployment

We are inclusive, experienced professionals who want to improve lives, empower individuals to fulfill their life and career goals.   We are low-profile and only select partners that run ethical and sustainable professional services.

As a start up organisation, we are agile and we manage our portfolio according to what is best for our stakeholders and clients, our value is demonstrated through the agreed outcome with the clients.


Our portfolio of services involves:

1. Business advisory

    [Business strategy and Modeling, Capital products, Financial management, Operational excellence, Customer Experience, Talent management and more]

2. Improving job match to capability for skilled migrants, new graduates

3. Help talent to transit to new roles.


1. Health and Wellbeing

    Do what you love, be kind to each other, stay healthy and safe and have good respiratory hygiene practice.

Update COVID-19

2. Professional services - Resourcing, Budgeting, Enablement - enable individual to demonstrate their full potential to be more satisfied and purpose driven to reach the full potential

3. Environment health

We have experienced Pro-Bono contributors and leadership team/board members who carefully select partners, organisations that do good and candidate who wants to give back.

Reward and recognition program available - pending Go-To Market strategy, Funds available


Anita M: Masked


If you're looking for case management, end to end services delivery on complex matters, we offer obligation free consultation, then we will identify the suitable , reliable and registered/licensed professionals to provide the measureable outcome.

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